Hot Yoga Milwaukee has more than 20 local yoga teachers dedicated to providing the best hot yoga experience for you.  One of the great things about yoga is the varied style, background, and personality that each teacher brings to class.  We encourage you to try different teachers to experience the breadth of styles we offer, and to have a conversation with our friendly front desk staff who can help find the right class for you!



Yoga is that feeling when you’re completely in the moment, present, and nothing else exists. Stresses, problems, and worries fall away, and are replaced by a calm, clear, refreshed feeling. Though Tracie has over a decade of teaching and extensive training in the mind-body field, she still loves that cleansing feeling of newness, strength, and flexibility of mind and body that yoga provides. To Tracie, teaching is all about her students and the journey they are moving through. She feeds off of the positive energy in class and in so doing gets the same feelings from teaching yoga as she does from taking. Her energetic style is a unique balance of high intensity combined with a gentle, caring touch. While Tracie’s classes can be lighthearted and fun, she likes to push each student to achieve whatever next level their individual situation calls for. She understands that students are all at different levels and may need modifications in the asanas to work for their particular body on that particular day. The patience and empathy Tracie brings to class can be traced back to her years as a Special Education teacher, a field in which she holds a Master's degree. The spirit of teaching she embodies can be seen through the extensive yoga anatomy, wellness, and mind-body research which she loves to do in her time away from the mat. Now the manager and owner of both Hot Yoga Milwaukee locations, Tracie has the wonderful honor and opportunity to work alongside an incredible team of teachers and students of all levels. “I believe that students are their best teachers and that we all need to listen to the guidance from our own bodies in our daily practice. Everyone would benefit from getting on the mat and doing whatever they can on any given day, even if that means an hour long savasana.”



Melissa Armstrong is a Wisconsin native, a UW-Milwaukee twice alumni, and currently works full time at UW-Milwaukee as a Sign Language Interpreter. She obtained her 250 RYT in May 0f 2014, is certified in Hot(26/2) and Vinasya. Melissa also studied at the Sivanada Ashram Yoga Ranch in Woodbourne, NY where she obtained a certificate in Yoga for American Sign Language Interpreters. Melissa has worked with Hot Yoga Milwaukee in one role or another since 2010 and considers the studio to be a second home with irreplaceable relationships. Melissa is known for her authentic, non-judgmental teaching style and compassion-centered philosophy. Students can expect a class that is motivating, structural and caring.



Nick was first introduced to yoga in 2012, and was immediately attracted to the Bikram series. Having been a competitive swimmer years ago, he found incredible similarities between the two practices: breath control, consistency, discipline, technique, and lastly, the notion of being comfortable with feeling uncomfortable… especially in the hot room. For Nick, yoga is an opportunity to step back into one's "self", regroup, and head back out into the world. He believes in the cyclical interconnectedness of all experiences, in that each experience is shaped by the one before. For him, yoga is a link in this chain, with our daily lives influencing each practice, and vice versa. His teaching style is motivating, simplistic, and focuses on developing and maintaining a strong mind-body connection.



Rae aka Namastrae, has been a student of yoga since 2003 when her mom took her to her first class at a hospital, the only place yoga was available, in her small hometown of Hartford, WI. Since the start of her practice, Rae has observed immense transformation in all aspects of her life; mind, body, and soul. She felt called to share this joy with her fellow humans, and with diligent study and dedication, she received her 200-hr yoga certification in July 2015 from the beloved Yandara Yoga Institute in Bali, Indonesia. She began practicing at Hot Yoga Milwaukee in June 2011 and is thrilled to now be a guide to students in both Hot Vinyasa and Bikram classes, helping students find and follow their bliss, with softness, humor and discipline, on and off the mat.



Margeaux is a 200-hr. certified yoga teacher, runner, mother, and life-long learner. She began practicing yoga in college as a way to deal with the stressors of school and discovered a practice that gave her a greater sense of identity and strength, both physically and mentally. Through her teaching, she loves helping people discover the empowerment and freedom found in organic movement.
Margeaux believes in rejecting the ‘yoga status quo’ by always asking ‘why?’ This question guides her continued studies in anatomy, movement, and healing.



Sara has been a student of yoga for roughly a decade, experiencing many different styles of practice and methods of teaching. Working as a nurse, she has always found it comforting to balance out the stress of work with the serenity of yoga. Three years ago, she started working at the front desk at Hot Yoga Milwaukee. During this time, she began to notice a positive shift in her yoga practice and also began to deepen her love and connection to the yogic lifestyle. In December 2015, she completed her 200-hour teacher training through the Yandara Yoga Institute. This training guided students to "teach from the heart", which for her, means always leading from a place of compassion and authenticity. With an emphasis on alignment-based Vinyasa Flow, her classes focus on using the breath to guide each movement and allowing the breath to support the space within each posture so that each student can take the time to explore their own unique capabilities.



While pregnant with her second son and practicing yoga, Alex discovered its obvious physical benefits and found herself feeling less anxiety and stress, as well as improved concentration and deeper connection to both body and mind. Along with her son's birth, a new idea was born – the idea of becoming a yoga teacher. Three weeks after giving birth, she decided to follow her heart and signed up for teacher training. As an instructor, Alex always makes sure her students realize that Yoga is not about how you look or how flexible you are, but about self acceptance, self improvement and bringing your body, mind and spirit into healthy balance. Alex completed 200hr Kanyakumari teacher training where she also spent one year passionately studying Ayurveda. Now she is successful Registered Yoga Teacher and Ayurvedic Health Counselor.



Zack's yoga practice and teaching philosophy are rooted in achieving a total health and wellness of the mind, body, emotions and soul. He likes to picture our health as a 4-legged table that is comprised of the before-mentioned components: each component helping to keep the table of health in balance. If one of these legs becomes unstable or is missing, our health as a complete picture loses focus and becomes wobbly. Zack believes through a yoga practice the mind, body, heart and soul are given a complete workout, resulting in an overall picture of health and wellness. When leaving class, the students are recharged, refreshed and revitalized and ready to once again enter the world and give freely of themselves to others. Zack is married with 2 boys and enjoys getting out into nature running, biking and waterskiing! He also has a love for writing and playing music helping to guide the flow of his classes.



Sarah’s roots are grounded in Rajanaka Tantra Yoga and her Vinyasa classes are heavily influenced by life itself. She has been practicing yoga for 13 years and teaching Group Classes, Workshops, and Yoga Teacher Trainings for 8. If you're ready to be tested physically and mentally in your practice, lay your mat down in one of her classes. Off the mat, Sarah hails from St. Louis, MO. She is a mother to 4 awesome kids, an avid gardener, and advocator of sustainable living practices.



Stacy started her regular yoga practice in 2012 and finished her 200-hour teacher-training program with Shayne Broadwell and Ali Szarzynski at Core Essence Yoga in 2015. Shortly after she completed 50 hour Mindful Yin training with Tina Romenesko and Kathy Ward and will begin her 500 hour training in India with Kia Miller later this year. She is an arm balance and inversion junkie, as well as a life-long athlete. She believes that yoga helps us become the best versions of ourselves. You can expect her classes to include a creative flow that will get your heart beating, with modifications for all levels, and a focus on having fun. She also enjoys teaching yin and yin/yang style classes and including mudras, pranayama, kundalini kriyas and other types of yoga in practice. When she's not on her mat, she's telling jokes, singing at the top of her lungs to Taylor Swift, or hanging out with her Mastiff, Ramona.



Linda is a Certified Yoga Instructor, graduated though Feel Your Best Yoga and holds her 200-hour RYT through Yoga Alliance. She also has hundreds of continuous hours of teaching and education. Linda has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a children’s emphasis. Linda has been studying the physical practice of yoga since 1997, but has been involved with the overall practice long before that. The idea of her yoga teaching is that it is accessible to all. It is very non-intimidating and individualized. So regardless of where you are at in your practice – beginner, intermediate, advanced, old or young, medical conditions or pregnancy – there are modifications or advancements that can be done to suit any person as an individual. Linda is also an avid professional photographer, who photographs all occasions including the beautiful art of yoga.



Bobbie has been practicing yoga on and off for most of her adult life, but it wasn't until the birth of her third child that she connected with her practice on a much deeper level. It wasn't just a work out and a way to stretch anymore, it had become a way to find moments of quiet and stillness, and be surrounded by a community of people who lifted each other up in support of that practice. Yoga has become more than just 60 minutes a day on the mat, it has become part of her life, and she truly enjoys sharing her love of the practice with HYM's students.



Jana John teaches Bikram here at Hot Yoga Milwaukee.  Bio and information coming soon!



Shauna Molloy teaches Hot Vinyasa Flow here at Hot Yoga Milwaukee.  Bio and information coming soon!



Katie discovered yoga in 2002. She became certified in basic yoga and started teaching yoga on the side in 2004. Five years later she took her first hot yoga class and was hooked. She quickly felt benefits of the practice in reducing the stress and strain brought on by years of practicing and teaching dental hygiene. In February 2016 she received her 200 hour certification from Yandara Yoga Institute in Baja Mexico. Katie enjoys sharing the love of yoga with her students.



Amber Price teaches Yin, Hot Vinyasa Flow, and Bikram here at Hot Yoga Milwaukee.  Bio and information coming soon!



Erin is a Wisconsin native who began practicing yoga and found it was truly life-changing. She loves both the mental and physical challenges of practicing in the hot room, and through teaching is able to share her passion with her students, helping to develop a practice best for each individual. Erin is certified in Bikram, Vinyasa, and Yin styles of yoga, as well as Thai yoga bodywork. When not practicing yoga, she enjoys her family, travel, and chocolate.



Devone Smith teaches Hot Vinyasa Flow and Bikram here at Hot Yoga Milwaukee.  Bio and information coming soon!



Jessica Wagner teaches Bikram here at Hot Yoga Milwaukee.  Bio and information coming soon!



Since stepping foot onto her mat in 2014, the effect of yoga has propelled Tanya into forward action. She strongly believes that yoga is for everyone and that we can all be better individuals and more dynamic holistic beings with a strong daily practice. Tanya is excited to lead others on this journey of health and wellness, and the path to becoming their best true self. With a background in dance since the age of three, she went on to receive her BFA in Dance from UW-Milwaukee in 2005. Her 15 years of dance teaching experience, as well as years of dancing professionally will inspire you to push yourself beyond your expectations. She can't stop moving and has recently completed a 250 hour yoga teacher training program with Evolation Yoga.